Leahy Kneebone Cup

On Saturday 25th June, the Tailem Bend FC and the Imperial FC will honour the lives of two football families.

Tragically the Kneebone and Leahy family lost their daughters, Molly and Stephanie to fatal road accidents.

The Leahy and Kneebone families, along with the TBFC, IFC, TBNC & INC are promoting this day as a tribute to their daughters, Steph and Molly, who tragically lost their lives in road accidents and to also raise awareness of the dangers we all face on our roads.

Our aim is to ensure the message is an ongoing one where we educate our players and the general community to reduce the incidence of serious injuries and fatalities on country roads.

The “Leahy – Kneebone Cup” awareness campaign is about encouraging all road users to think about the impact of road accidents, not only to themselves but also to their loved ones and to the wider community.

The road safety awareness campaign is proudly supported by the Motor Accident Commission.

For more information check out Motor Accident Commission


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